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1952:Start-up of the first paper machine of the state-owned company.
1953:Production of cigarette paper.
1982:Production of flax/hemp cigarette paper.
1983:Production of aluminum foil backing paper, coated cigar paper and plug wrap paper.
1985:Plug wrap paper was awarded provincial high quality product.
1987:High strength cigarette paper was awarded excellent innovative product by Ministry of Light Industry.The company was awarded Excellent Quality Management Enterprise by Ministry of Light Industry. Quality Control System (QCS) was introduced to paper machines.

1988:Safety cigarette paper produced since 1984 was appraised to reach international standard.
1989:The company was approved the state second class enterprise. Plug wrap paper was awarded state silver medal product.
1991:Production of High porosity cigarette paper.
1994:Reform to a state controlled stock company. Implementation of ISO9000 quality management system.
1996:Ranking the first on production capacity of Aluminum foil backing paper in China.

1997:Full implementation of ISO9000 quality management system.
1998:Pass the authentication of ISO9002 domestically and internationally by China Certification Center. Development of low side-stream cigarette paper and porous plug wrap paper.
1999:The company was approved the high-tech enterprise by Ministry of Science & Technology and China Science Academy.
2000:Production of PM10 after rebuilding. Start-up of 30000 t/d sewage treatment plant. Being awarded the Excellent Enterprise of Quality Management by State Quality & Technical Supervision Bureau.
2001: The stock of the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

2002:Implementation of ERP and OA system. Pass the authentication of ISO9001:2000 domestically and internationally by China Certification Center.
2003: Start up of PM12 and PM13.
2005: Start up of PM14. Implementation of new VIS (Visual Identification System) of Hengfeng Paper. Establishment of Hubei Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd in Xianning City, Hubei Province.
2006: Start up of PM15. Introducing investment of China Access Paper Investment Company Limited as the shareholder
2007: Celebration of 55th Anniversary. Start up of PM10 after second time rebuilding.
2008: Pass the authentication of ISO14001 Environment Management by CCCI.
2009: Starting strategic cooperation with PMI.
2010: Start up PMT1 and PMT2. Starting strategic cooperation with Filtrona(Essentra).
2011: Start up PM16. Upgrade EPR and OA system. Win “Excellent cigarette material supplier” by CNTC Shanghai.
2012: Celebration for 60th anniversary. Hold”Hengfeng Paper Global Customer Conference”. Start up PMT3 and PM17. Pass the authentication of FSC/COC. Implement of MIS system.

2013:Pass the authentication of FSC, five years of strategic development goals were set, and the Mudanjiang specialty papers alliance was established.
2014:Start up PMT5 and put into operation. Obtain the honor of “Contract and trustworthy enterprises” in China.
2015:Improve the management and innovation ability, start the Six Sigma Lean Management project.