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Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd (hereafter the company), a subsidiary company of Hengfeng Group, located right at the communication center of the southeast part of Heilongjiang Province, a very unique place by virtue of its geographical stronghold to Russian trade and the scenic attraction offered by Jingbo Lake, the second largest highland lava-dammed lake in the world.

The company is established in 1952, occupying a total area of 344,936 m2, hiring over 2400 employees, equipped with 18 paper machines, 1 coating line and 1 flax pulp line, with annual production 160000 tons of paper and

3000 tons of flax pulp respectively, currently it is the one of the most important manufacture of cigarette-related papers in the whole world and also the first high-tech company in domestic paper making industry, which has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code:600356) in 2001.

The main products of the company include Cigarette paper, Plug wrap paper, Aluminum foil backing paper,Tipping base paper, Bible paper and over a hundred types of industrial specialty paper. All these products are distributed both locally and internationally, supplying all major Chinese tobacconists and some key foreign customers as well.

The company boasts a sound and innovative Research & Development (R&D) practice as well as international quality control & supply chain standards with full implementation of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO17025 Laboratory Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and FSC/COC Management System.The Company has also founded a national postdoctoral research workstation for pulping and paper making, and owned many patented technologies. While taking part in quite a number of projects in the National Torch Program and the Provincial Science and Technology Development Programs, the company has progressively aimed at sustaining its rate of growth and development relying on modern science and technology. With comprehensive utilization of green resource, the company is also fulfilling its role of making contribution to the society.